I would like to take a moment to personally thank you Service des Loisirs -

Centre de Jeunesse d'Aylmer and more importantly Pierre Olivier Tissot and

Julien Roy, for their outstanding guidance, support, team building skills,

cooperation, kindness and exceptional skills with respect to the weekly hockey

sessions our boys participated in.


You both are leaders and we sincerely appreciate what you have done for Jacob

and Jordan this session. It was their first experience playing hockey and they are

hooked !!! You have devoted so much time and effort into making this program

the success it is today. From you both they have learnedsportsmanship, fair

play and many important values that will guide them throughout life.


With Kindest regards and a multitude of thanks! See you next SEASON!


Melissa, Randy, Jacob and Jordan





Envoyé : Saturday, October 13, 2012 04:36 PM

À : Steve Goodwin

Objet : RE: Habillement pour Hockey Loisirs

Hello Mr. Steve Goodwin My name is Mikael Benedict Worku.I am 10 years olds grade 5 student. Thank you for the equipments and all your hard work. You made me a really happy child. When i get older i want to make someone happy like this program did to me.

Sincerly, Mikael


I'm Gonzalo's father. My son was playing in the MAHG1 team last year. My friend referred us to your Association and my son was in a special program, he received the inscription and the equipment for free. We were really glad about it and we really appreciate your help. This experience helped my son to start his integration to his new country since we left Peru 18 months ago and he loves hockey now. I would like my son to stay in the same program this season (MAHG2) if it is possible. My wife talked to Mr. Delisle last year about it; he called us to know if everything was ok with the equipment you gave us, unfortunately I don't have his last name or his phone number. I just realized that the inscriptions end this august 8th, so I'm worried about it. Please let me know if you have any answer. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help.


Jorge Vasquez



L'année dernière, mon garçon qui allait à l'école du Village d'Aylmer, à participé au programme "Hockey pour tous" et il a beaucoup aimé. Nous vous en remercions énormement de lui avoir permis de "gouter" à ce merveilleux sport qu'est le "HOCKEY". Cette année nous lui avons permis de jouer dans la ligue d'Aylmer, malgré mes moindres revenus et ceux de son père. Et, c'est pourquoi je vous écrit ce courriel, afin de vous demander si vous allez encore cette année, distribuer et/ou prêter, des équipements de hockey.

Lyne Richard.

Merci Beaucoup!