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About Us

Mission Statement

To help and encourage underprivileged Aylmer children and youth to join the local organized hockey league by providing them with financial and material support.

Target Population

Underprivileged children and youth (Novice to Midget levels) residing in Aylmer.

Overall goal of our project

Our overall goal is to help as many underprivileged children and youth of the Aylmer community overcome the financial constraints that prevent them from playing hockey. More specifically, we wish to help them join the Aylmer Minor Hockey Association (AHMA) and Hockey for Fun by providing them with financial and material support.

What makes this project unique?

We are the only organization in the region offering this type of support (i.e. providing not only equipment to play but also financial support to cover costs related to hockey). We have already been approached to expand our coverage outside of the Aylmer community to other areas of the Outaouais region. We also believe that what makes this project unique is the fact that each one of us is directly involved in minor hockey (either as a parent, a coach, a team manager or a combination of these roles) and has a very clear understanding of the costs involved and the equipment required, i.e. of the potential barriers for children and youth of low-income families. Not only is this project unique because of our direct involvement, but also because we maintain that involvement throughout the hockey season by keeping track of the participants’ development as the season progresses. Our ultimate dream is to keep encouraging these young people to pursue hockey for as long as possible and perhaps thus giving them a source of happiness, belonging, friendship and a solid foundation to build around for the rest of their lives. And who knows, perhaps one day one of them will make it to the NHL?


Founded in 2008, Acces Hockey has helped dozens of children and youth join the Aylmer Minor Hockey Association’s hockey league (Novice to Midget levels). It has also helped many children and youth join "Hockey for Fun", a program run by the City of Gatineau enabling kids from a local school to play hockey once a week "just for fun".